Problem with reply-all when "Reply-to"

Hi All.
I have a problem using reply-all: In certain cases it doesn't reply to all 
the addresses in a mail! I'm on a mail alias that sets the "reply-to" 
field and some times I want to reply both to the alias AND to the person 
who wrote the message (who is usually not a part of the alias) and this 
doesn't happen with reply-all in Balsa (1.4.1).. I don't know if this is 
on purpose or not, but at least it's not what I want.

Looking at sendmsg-window.c I find the follow code:
     /* To: */
     if (type == SEND_REPLY || type == SEND_REPLY_ALL) {
	addr = (message->reply_to) ? message->reply_to : message->from;
     if (type == SEND_REPLY_ALL) {
	tmp = libbalsa_make_string_from_list(message->to_list);
	gtk_entry_set_text(GTK_ENTRY(msg->cc[1]), tmp);

So the address from the "From" header is never considered when using 
reply-to-all and the "Return-Path" header is set.

So I've made a simple patch that just adds the address from "From" to the 
CC list if reply-all is pressed. I hope you'll include it or do something 
---	Sat Sep  7 00:10:03 2002
+++ balsa-1.4.1/src/sendmsg-window.c	Sat Nov 16 21:08:10 2002
@@ -2790,6 +2814,16 @@
 	gtk_entry_set_text(GTK_ENTRY(msg->cc[1]), tmp);
+	/* If "Return-Path" is set the address in "From" will be skipped
+	   when construction "To" above */
+	if (message->reply_to) {
+	    gtk_entry_append_text(GTK_ENTRY(msg->cc[1]), ", ");
+	    tmp = libbalsa_address_to_gchar(message->from, 0);
+	    gtk_entry_append_text(GTK_ENTRY(msg->cc[1]), tmp);
+	    g_free(tmp);
+	}
 	if (message->cc_list) {
 	    gtk_entry_append_text(GTK_ENTRY(msg->cc[1]), ", ");

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