Re: Simplification of preferences

Am 2002.11.14 11:18 schrieb(en) M. Thielker:
> Hello,
> Besides, in a Mozilla-style tree view controlled dialog, we could fit 
> even more prefs easily and with much better organizations. Restructuring 
> what we have is, in my Opinion the best way to do this. That includes 
> moving options to different categories, possibly combining, as in the 
> case of IMAP, several options into one easy setting, but not dropping 
> options completely.

Like I said yesterday, trees are considered a bad idea for new user.
Sure we can now say who cares for new users, but...

I had a short look into some guidelines (not yet the whole HIG) and saw 
that a List (like in nautilus) is prefered when there would be to many 

And I'm sure a complete redesign of the pref-window (with new groups, some 
Prefs less) would also help a lot.

But at the weekend I have more time to look at that deeply.

Some suggestions in the meantime:

We surely don't need:

1) Quite background check (if balsa crashes otherwise there is a bug which 
has to be fixed...)
2) The RegEx setting (at least it should be hidden in the config file with 
no ui)
3) Always reflow format=flowed - no pref needed
4) Why don't always use format=flowed - is there any shostopper?
5) The Reply prefix- > as a sane default, other possibilities hidden in 
the config file
6) Always show the basic headers in the prfered editor (like mutt does it)
7) Always show mailbox statistics (why should anybody don't want this?
8) Move the progress bar while retrieving to the statusbar and we don'T 
need this pref
9) Msg-size as number of lines? - perhaps hidden in the config?
10) The same for the whole encoding frame, the status msgs and the 
11) hide deleted msgs is not necessary, or does anyone not want to hide it?
12) debug hiddden - or better: a command line option!
13) deleting immediately -> a new option "commit all changes immediately" 
(but that has to be in the new grouping -> weekend!)

For the new grouping perhaps a first thought:

- A merge of Mail options and Mail server (same topic...)

but that is not thought up to the end

I have to go to school again so... :-) 


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