Re: question: custom balsa_index_model

On 2002.11.06 18:31 Pawel Salek wrote:
> On 2002.11.06 22:29 Peter Bloomfield wrote:

>> This doesn't address the issue of multiple copies, but...we 
>> could
> Well, it does (AFAICT): instead of copying the data to 
> GtkTreeStore object as we do now, this custom 
> LibBalsaMailboxModel would implement GtkTreeModel interface and 
> fetch on request the data directly from LibBalsaMailbox. The 
> "only" problem is that an amount of LibBalsaMailbxo code would 
> need to be rewritten in order to be able to provide such data 
> fast.

That's a more radical change than I was looking at! I assume the 
GtkTreeModel interface is now reasonably stable. What you propose 
would be a great development.


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