question: custom balsa_index_model


I have a request for development-releated comments:

We copy each message subject/from/to entry three times:
- one copy is owned by libmutt
- second by libbalsamailbox
- third is owned by gtktreestore.

One can eliminate third copy in BALSA_2 branch by wrapping up own model 
of the mailbox but this requires to implement message threading on a 
libbalsa mailbox level (which actually might be a good idea since, say, 
we would be one step closer to IMAP server threading) but it would also 
require several changes in the way we iterate over messages here and 

Does anybody see any traps related to such an approach?

I thought also we could soon switch HEAD and BALSA_2 in a following way
- release 1.4.2
- branch BALSA_1_4
- merge BALSA_2 with head.

Opinions on this?


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