Re: question: custom balsa_index_model

On 2002.11.06 22:29 Peter Bloomfield wrote:
>> One can eliminate third copy in BALSA_2 branch by wrapping up own 
>> model of the mailbox but this requires to implement message 
>> threading on a libbalsa mailbox level (which actually might be a 
>> good idea since, say, we would be one step closer to IMAP server 
>> threading) but it would also require several changes in the way we 
>> iterate over messages here and there.
>> Does anybody see any traps related to such an approach?
> This doesn't address the issue of multiple copies, but...we could

Well, it does (AFAICT): instead of copying the data to GtkTreeStore 
object as we do now, this custom LibBalsaMailboxModel would implement 
GtkTreeModel interface and fetch on request the data directly from 
LibBalsaMailbox. The "only" problem is that an amount of 
LibBalsaMailbxo code would need to be rewritten in order to be able to 
provide such data fast.


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