Re: RFC: mailbox naming strategy.


On 2002.06.08 18:11 Pawel Salek wrote:

> A. There should be no restrictions on the actual file name.


> B. The name displayed in the mailbox list defaults to the localized 
> "Sentbox" but can be changed if the user want so. Is that what you mean?


> My idea is that the mailbox configuration dialog will shown only one text 
> entry for ordinary mailboxes to allow file rename, and two entries for 
> special mailboxes:
> one text entry for the displayed name, another for the file name.


> Another question:
> - if user modifies the "file name" entry of the special mailbox 
> modification dialog, does it mean he/she wants to rename the file, or 
> wants to use another file as the special mailbox?

Rename the file.

To use another mailbox, you right-click and select "Use as Inbox", for 


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