Re: RFC: mailbox naming strategy.


On 2002.06.08 15:44 Pawel Salek wrote:
> I think following strategy would make sense:
> Generally, the displayed mailbox name is same as the file/directory
> name of the mailbox. There is though en exception for special mailboxes
> that have their designated function: Inbox, Sendbox, Draftbox, outbox.
> Their names are translated to a localized name. The file on disk should 
> never have a localized names to avoid mess when user switches locale.

Good so far.

> The limitation: special mailboxes always have a name localized to current 
> locale. I do not think this is a major problem.

Yes, it is.

Special mailboxes should be localized if, and only if, the file on disk has 
the original name. So, if I wish to call my sentbox "Gesendete 
Nachrichten", I don't have to do anything, because that's what "sentbox" is 
localized into anyway. If I rename it to something else, say "Gesendet", 
that's what it should be shown as.
If I designate a folder to be the inbox, I don't want it forcibly renamed 
to "inbox" on disk or shown as "Posteingang" if it's on-disk name is not 

Even so, I may want to rename a file named "inbox" to have it show "Inbox" 
in Balsa, without renaming it on disk.


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