RFC: mailbox naming strategy.


I would like to clean up the mailbox naming scheme in balsa. Currently, 
the mailbox management is inconsistent, see for example 

I think following strategy would make sense:

Generally, the displayed mailbox name is same as the file/directory
name of the mailbox. There is though en exception for special mailboxes
that have their designated function: Inbox, Sendbox, Draftbox, outbox.
Their names are translated to a localized name. The file on disk should 
never have a localized names to avoid mess when user switches locale.

The limitation: special mailboxes always have a name localized to 
current locale. I do not think this is a major problem.

Any comments? Alternative solutions?


Pawel Salek (pawsa@theochem.kth.se) http://www.theochem.kth.se/~pawsa/
Theoretical Chemistry Division, KTH

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