Re: RFC: mailbox naming strategy.

On 2002.06.08 17:50 M. Thielker wrote:
>> The limitation: special mailboxes always have a name localized to 
>> current locale. I do not think this is a major problem.
> Yes, it is.
> Special mailboxes should be localized if, and only if, the file on 
> disk has the original name. So, if I wish to call my sentbox 
> "Gesendete Nachrichten", I don't have to do anything, because that's 
> what "sentbox" is localized into anyway. If I rename it to something 
> else, say "Gesendet", that's what it should be shown as.
> If I designate a folder to be the inbox, I don't want it forcibly 
> renamed to "inbox" on disk or shown as "Posteingang" if it's on-disk 
> name is not "inbox".
> Even so, I may want to rename a file named "inbox" to have it show 
> "Inbox" in Balsa, without renaming it on disk.

What is the desired behavior for special mailboxes then?
A. There should be no restrictions on the actual file name.
B. The name displayed in the mailbox list defaults to the localized 
"Sentbox" but can be changed if the user want so. Is that what you mean?

My idea is that the mailbox configuration dialog will shown only one 
text entry for ordinary mailboxes to allow file rename, and two entries 
for special mailboxes:
one text entry for the displayed name, another for the file name.

Another question:
- if user modifies the "file name" entry of the special mailbox 
modification dialog, does it mean he/she wants to rename the file, or 
wants to use another file as the special mailbox?

I hope some users with strong opinions will speak up! :-)


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