Re: Thesaurus

On Thursday 03 January 2002 07:27 am, you wrote:

> I don't know that's why I asked :-)
> The thing I thought about is a library responsible for spelling, thesaurus
> and perhaps grammar (all the stuff M$ word can do, but usable in any
> progrm (so that evo, balsa, abiword, kword and whoever can use it).
> Just a thought, perhaps I'm thinking in a wrong direction when I here
> thesaurus ;-)

Ok -- that makes more sense.  No, it doesn't do all of this at present, and I 
don't know how far off something like that would be.  I don't know of any 
open source grammar checkers at the moment, but I have been toying with the 
idea of writing one for some time.  But this is at least several months off.  
For now, it's just a thesaurus. :)


Love all, serve all.

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