I've been working on Aiksaurus, an English-language thesaurus library, for 
some time now.  It is released under the GPL and is ready for use.  I've also 
written a GTK+ dialog to interface with it.  

You can see a screenshot of the GTK+ version (without replace-bar) here:

And you can see it integrated with AbiWord (with replace-bar) here:

If anyone would be interested in adding this thesaurus to Balsa, I 
imagine that it should be quite easy.  (The code to activate the thesaurus is 
about four lines max -- the only other thing you have to really do is figure 
out what word the cursor is over, and even if this isn't already implemented 
it shouldn't be hard.)

I've also written basic instructions for the library in other programs, and 
there's a short section on the GTK+ interface itself.  You can find this 
documentation here: ("Programmer's Guide")

If this is something that people would like, I would be happy to work with 
someone on the Balsa team and give you whatever help I can.  If not, 
that's fine too -- just thought I'd mention it in case there's interest.



Love all, serve all.

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