Re: [Q] : search window ?

On 2001.12.23 12:55 Emmanuel wrote:
> On 2001.12.22 01:58 Pawel Salek wrote:
> Finally here is what I think : the simplest way to handle that is that 
> we should make an abstract BalsaIndex class from which we'll derive the 
> actual BalsaIndex and another, says BalsaVirtualIndex that will handle 
> our case. The base class will contain the UI part and common code in 
> general. But the BalsaVirtualIndex will add all the necessary sync with 
> the associated mailbox, whereas it won't implement all the message view 
> functions (these are only needed in the BalsaIndex class).
> [...]
> Does that sound feasible and not too intrusive. IMHO this is a view 
> issue (if we use the model-view-controller paradigm) so that we should 
> only touch the view (here BalsaIndex) part, not the model (here mailbox) 
> to keep the separation.

This model seems OK to me.


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