Hi all,

Those of you using libESMTP may want to download the latest tarballs from

Major change since 0.8.8 is dropping primary support for libltdl.  This is no 
longer included in the tarball and libltdl is now used only if the platform 
does not supply dlopen/sym/close.  For most users this change removes a 
dependency making life easier for them.

There is also partial support for the non-standard and undocumented AUTH= 
syntax for SMTP authentication.  This may help those who are stuck with 
incorrectly implemented MTAs such as the qmail+auth patch used by Yahoo! 
(shame on them).  Use configure --enable-nsauth if you need this.

Other than that, just a few more manualconf, er...sorry autoconf, fixes.

Brian Stafford

P.S.  Could anyone who maintains packages for libESMTP mail me URLs where they 
can be downloaded as I'd like to update the website to point to them.  Also 
I'd like to get acknowledgements up to date, if anyone thinks they've helped 
out and not been acknowledged drop me a line.

 From the changelog

2002-01-02      Brian Stafford  <>
         Added -lsocket to list of libraries searched for getaddrinfo().

2001-12-29      Brian Stafford  <>
       * protocol.c
         Added hack for stupid SMTP servers that advertise AUTH using
         non-standard syntax from an internet draft that never made it
         into RFC 2554.  Because this feature is non-standard, it must
         be explicitly enabled when configuring.
         rsp_{helo,ehlo}() now reset the auth mechanism list before
         processing the result.  Previously this was done only when AUTH
         was advertised.

       * smtp-auth.c
         set_auth_mechanisms no longer resets the mechanism list
         before processing.  Added a test to avoid duplicates in the
         mechanism list.  select_auth_mechanism now guarantees to select
         the *first* usable mechanism.  The net effect of these changes
         is that multiple calls to set_auth_mechanisms accumulate.

       * auth-client.c
         Rearranged code in auth_set_mechanisms and load_client_plugin
         avoiding the need to repeat the test for plugin acceptability.

2001-12-24      Brian Stafford  <>
         Compiling with picky warnings turned on was broken.  Also,
         recent glibc versions seem to have decided that strcasecmp and
         a few other functions are GNU extensions causing compiles to
         fail because of missing declarations.  Naturally, autoconf does
         not detect this.  Added a _GNU_SOURCE define to fix this on
         potentially affected systems.  No, I don't like it either.

       * strcasecmp.c strncasecmp.c strndup.c
         Added these functions in case some systems don't provide them.

2001-12-21      Brian Stafford  <>
       * htable.[ch]
         h_insert now returns a void pointer to the data instead of a
         struct h_node eliminating the need for the h_dptr macro and
         for code using hash tables to maintain two pointers instead
         of one.

       * headers.c
         Updated to use the simpler hash table interface.

2001-12-10      Brian Stafford  <>
       * auth-client.c
         Use dlsym and friends directly on platforms that have it.

         Detect dlsym, fall back to using libltdl for other platforms.
         libltdl is no longer distributed significantly reducing tarball

2001-12-10      Brian Stafford  <>
         A missing comma caused the test for getipnodebyname to fail on
         systems which provide it.

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