Re: Thesaurus

First of all: Sorry, I sent the last Mail with my wrong mail addi, but 
Jared quoted the important part...

Am 2002.01.03 12:21:05 +0100 schrieb(en) Jared Davis:
   > On Thursday 03 January 2002 04:00 am, you wrote:
   > > I would like such a thing!
   > > Especially that it is a standart library that some progs are using 
   > is
   > > nothing that will be abandonned in the near future.
   > >
   > > I have one question: how does it work in connection with pspell?  Is
   > there
   > > first psspell checking the words and then aiksaurus the thesaurus, 
   > will
   > > aiksaurus be integrated in pspell or how?
   >   > I'm happy to see that you like the idea! :)
   >   > There's no pspell integration at present.  There's been some talk 
   > ntegrating gdict with the thesaurus to add a dictionary to it, but I'm
   > not
   > really sure how you would combine a thesaurus with a spell checker?
   > What were you thinking that the integration could look like?

I don't know that's why I asked :-)
The thing I thought about is a library responsible for spelling, thesaurus 
and perhaps grammar (all the stuff M$ word can do, but usable in any 
progrm (so that evo, balsa, abiword, kword and whoever can use it).

Just a thought, perhaps I'm thinking in a wrong direction when I here 
thesaurus ;-)


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