Re: Balsa GUI stalls during mail check

On Mon, 11 February 21:14 Pawel Salek wrote:
> On 2002.02.11 20:40 Bart Visscher wrote:
>> On Mon, 11 Feb 2002 13:52:18 Emmanuel wrote:
>>> I know that Magick has began to work on a library to handle at least local 
>>> mailboxes, perhaps more than that I'm not sure now.
>> My first goal is indeed to support local mailboxes, that is difficult 
>> enough to start with. Support for remote mailboxes, like imap, should be 
>> easy to add later.
> Well, it will be easy provided you remember about proper structure. I 
> actually think that doing converse might be easier, i.e implementing imap 
> first. But it is just an impression.

Imap should certainly be considered since it probably has significant 
influence on "proper structure".  A good quality IMAP client is a fairly 
complex beast.  Peter Bloomfield and I discussed the idea of implementing one 
a la libESMTP a while ago, round about the time we talked about the 
ambiguities in RFC 2060.  The idea fizzled out at the time, I think because 
Peter managed to work around some issues with the libmutt imap client.

My own feeling is that unless a new IMAP client offered significant 
enhancement over the one in libmutt, implementing one is probably wasted 
effort.  Unlike SMTP and POP-3 which are orthogonal to MIME and can stand 
alone from it, IMAP is intimately bound to MIME.  I suspect that IMAP could 
not be added to a mailbox library that did not understand MIME in some way.

Brian Stafford

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