Re: Balsa GUI stalls during mail check

On 09.02.2002 16:13 Willem Riede wrote:
> The Balsa GUI is out to lunch while Balsa goes to check mail.
> This behavior has grown more pronounced as the number of messages
> in some of my folders has grown (OK - so I'm a packrat :-)).
> But it is what I expect multi-threading to prevent.
> As it is, for several seconds I cannot scroll the message I'm
> reading, move to a new message or even see what I'm typing if
> I'm composing a new message.
> I don't mind Balsa taking cpu time to get and sort incoming
> messages (that's what I have a dual 1G Athlon for) but I do
> mind that it isn't paying attention to _me_.
> I'd be perfectly willing to work on improving this, if I'd only
> know where to start... Any hints?

The first problem is that we use mutt library to handle mailbox parsing 
and so on, and we lock it when we check mails (this is perhaps not true 
for POP3 mbox), and then you can do nothing using libmutt during the 
check, so basically you can do nothing else than read the current message. 
That is the big point I think. Someone, please correct me if I'm wrong. I 
know that Magick has began to work on a library to handle at least local 
mailboxes, perhaps more than that I'm not sure now. This could certainly 
improve things.
But for the GUI stall, this is certainly a GTK issue, because we just 
update the list, nothing more concerning GUI. I hope this will be enhance 
by the port to gtk+-2.0.
So for now if you want to help to fix your problem, I think you should try 
to help Magick, IMHO.

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