Re: Balsa GUI stalls during mail check

On 2002.02.09 09:13:10 -0600 Willem Riede wrote:

> The Balsa GUI is out to lunch while Balsa goes to check mail.
> This behavior has grown more pronounced as the number of messages
> in some of my folders has grown (OK - so I'm a packrat :-)).
> But it is what I expect multi-threading to prevent.
> As it is, for several seconds I cannot scroll the message I'm
> reading, move to a new message or even see what I'm typing if
> I'm composing a new message.
> I don't mind Balsa taking cpu time to get and sort incoming
> messages (that's what I have a dual 1G Athlon for) but I do
> mind that it isn't paying attention to _me_.

Yes, I've been intending to write about the same thing.  This causes a 
great deal of trouble for me, because my inbox is on an overloaded mail 
server reached via a slow/unreliable telephone link.

Also, on occasion my dial-up connection gets dropped, and then Balsa 
will lock up for several minutes before it recovers.  (I'm not even 
sure that it always does recover, since sometimes I get tired of 
waiting and kill it from the prompt.)

Finally, and most bothersome of all, sometimes when Balsa is trying to 
connect to the server it locks up my entire GNOME desktop - I can't 
even switch to another application by clicking on the task bar.  I 
click, but nothing happens.  This is very surprising behavior on a 
Linux system, and I'm wondering whether Balsa might be using some GNOME 
component that doesn't behave properly.

I'm using Balsa 1.2.3 and the version of GNOME that came with Red Hat 
7.2 (e.g., gnome-libs 1.2.1).


Bobby Bryant
Austin, Texas

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