Re: Filters in Balsa 1.3.1

On 09.02.2002 16:38 Barry Skidmore wrote:
> Manu,
> I am using Balsa to retrieve mail from a non-pop3 mailbox, i.e., 
> /var/spool/mail.  If it would help, I can export one of the filters and 
> send it to you as an attachment, however from your comments it looks 
> like the filters just aren't programmed to work with non-pop3 mailboxes.
> You mentioned that it is possible to use the filters directly on your 
> Inbox after the mails are retrieved.  How do you do this?  I do not see 
> a command, like "Filter mail" or "Run filters", but I am probably 
> missing something obvious.
Just right-click on the mailbox you want ot filter, then at the bottom of 
the menu you'll see the "Edit/Apply Filters" item. Choose it like you 
probably guessed ;-) Then you have a two lists dialog : on left all 
filters sorted by name, on right the list of filter associated with that 
mailbox. So put on the right all the filters you want to apply on the 
mailbox. You'll remark that you have 2 columns more in the right list one 
to say that the corresponding filter is to be applied automatically on 
reception (but with the constraints I have mentionned) the other one is to 
apply filter on exit (this is unimplemented :(, we'll see later what we do 
want to do for automatic filtering, comments welcome ). Once you have 
populated the right list you push the "Apply" button and this will run all 
the selected filters on the mailbox. You can also save the list of 
associated filters so that next time they will be put on the right list, 
so you'll only have to click on appy button.
Here it is, but I'm pretty sure there are solutions to make this much more 
intuitive. So comments, remarks are welcome.

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