Re: Balsa: Indirect linking to OpenSSL via LGPL and OpenLDAP libs

Am 2002.12.21 05:25 schrieb(en) Andrew Lau:
   > On Thu, Dec 19, 2002 at 09:31:27PM -0500, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
   > > IMHO, it's enough to get explicit consent from the listed authors of
   > > Balsa 2, and air the question on the list, as you have.  Anyone who
   > > contributed code to earlier versions, and might conceivably have an
   > > objection, is bound to have become aware of the issue.
   >   > So what date are we looking at for Balsa's license change? When 
   > comes out?
To come to an end with this, perhaps Andrew could post a Mail-draft to the 
List and if nobody has any strong disagreement sb. should send it to all 
the people from AUTHORS.
And if nobody sends in say 2 weeks a disagreement, everything should be ok 
to add the exception of the GPL.

I don't think it would be a short term solution to switch to gnutls, or?


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