Re: Better mailing list interface?

> On 2002.08.30 08:20 Emmanuel wrote:
>> Le 30.08.2002 07:56, Toralf Lund a écrit :
>>> I was just looking through all my "mailing list" mailboxes (where 
>>> messages are stored via MDA filters), in order to recall what exactly 
>>> I'm subscribed to, possibly upgrade subscriptions, delete som eold 
>>> stuff etc., and was just thinking:
>>> 1) Wouldn't it be nice to have some kind of GUI based on headers like 
>>> List-Help, List-(un)subscribe and List-Archive? I'm thinking in terms 
>>> of Message/Popup menu entries "Unsubscribe from List", "Display Help", 
>>> "Search Archives" etc. that would simply call the URL handler with the 
>>> http: address from the appropriate header, or open a send-message 
>>> window based on mailto: entry.
>> This sounds good to me.
> To me, too. Perhaps the `Reply to group' entry on the context menu 
> should become a `List...' submenu, with options that are sensitized 
> according to which actions are feasible.
Exactly what I was thinking.

> The HIG ( ) 
> suggests that popup menus not have submenus, but we already have a 
> couple, and we might as well be hanged for a sheep...
Yes. And we could make one of the usual decisions about cleaning up later 
(which means it's never actually going to happen ;-))

So I guess I'll have a go at it one of these days...

- Toralf

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