Re: Better mailing list interface?

Le 30.08.2002 07:56, Toralf Lund a écrit :
> I was just looking through all my "mailing list" mailboxes (where 
> messages are stored via MDA filters), in order to recall what exactly 
> I'm subscribed to, possibly upgrade subscriptions, delete som eold stuff 
> etc., and was just thinking:
> 1) Wouldn't it be nice to have some kind of GUI based on headers like 
> List-Help, List-(un)subscribe and List-Archive? I'm thinking in terms of 
> Message/Popup menu entries "Unsubscribe from List", "Display Help", 
> "Search Archives" etc. that would simply call the URL handler with the 
> http: address from the appropriate header, or open a send-message window 
> based on mailto: entry.

This sounds good to me.

> 2) Some kind of assistance for cleaning up this kind of mailboxes would 
> also be nice. E.g. I typically want to delete most messages older than a 
> few months, but keep all the threads I've been involved in. That process 
> could definitely be automated.

Yes you can now with filters : but you can only tell Balsa to trash 
messages that are between 2 dates, you can't tell it (for now) to keep the 
message if it is part of a thread. The notion if thread itself is not 
understood by the filters (in fact it depends on the type of threading 
you've chosen). But perhaps this can be done.

> Comments? Perhaps these issues has been discussed before? (I haven't 
> followed the list posts very closely lately, I must admit.)

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