Re: [Q] : Sentbox managing

Le 30.08.2002 10:36, M. Thielker a écrit :
> Hi,
> On 2002.08.30 15:55 Emmanuel wrote:
>> So, when we move a mail from the sentbox, should not we test if the 
>> pref "copy outgoing mails to sentbox" is set, and if yes trash the 
>> corresponding mail that is in the sentbox, so that the sentbox actually 
>> reflects the sent mails?
> this seems overly complicated to me. It would be much easier to only 
> copy the mail to sentbox when it's actually given to libesmtp to send. 
> It makes no sense to have an email in the sentbox that is still queued, 
> so _hasn't_ been _sent_...
OK this sounds saner to me also now ;-)

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