Better mailing list interface?

I was just looking through all my "mailing list" mailboxes (where messages 
are stored via MDA filters), in order to recall what exactly I'm 
subscribed to, possibly upgrade subscriptions, delete som eold stuff etc., 
and was just thinking:

1) Wouldn't it be nice to have some kind of GUI based on headers like 
List-Help, List-(un)subscribe and List-Archive? I'm thinking in terms of 
Message/Popup menu entries "Unsubscribe from List", "Display Help", 
"Search Archives" etc. that would simply call the URL handler with the 
http: address from the appropriate header, or open a send-message window 
based on mailto: entry.

2) Some kind of assistance for cleaning up this kind of mailboxes would 
also be nice. E.g. I typically want to delete most messages older than a 
few months, but keep all the threads I've been involved in. That process 
could definitely be automated.

Comments? Perhaps these issues has been discussed before? (I haven't 
followed the list posts very closely lately, I must admit.)

- Toralf

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