Re: Filtering

On Mon 14:38, 15 April 2002 Emmanuel ALLAUD wrote:

> Please could you elaborate a bit about "anything causes the filters to be
> applied a subsequent time"?

When I collect messages from the POP server, they are delivered into my 
inbox.  Then the filter is applied and the messages move (i.e. are copied to 
the new mailbox and marked as deleted in Inbox) from the inbox to the 
destination mailbox.  However in the Inbox, the messages are only *marked* as 
deleted.  If I then press the "check for new email" and more messages are 
collected from the POP servers, the filters are applied to inbox again to move 
the new messages to the destination.  Unfortunately the messages from the 
previous filter run which were marked as deleted are filtered *again* and are 
copied to the destination for a second time, without being marked as deleted 
in the destination mailbox.  If I apply filters manually, or collect more mail 
from the POP server, I will get third, fourth, etc copies of the message.  I 
must commit the inbox to prevent additional copies.

> > Since I do not use procmail and do not wish to use it or any external
> filter
> > program (you will know from previous messages that I detest anything
> > programmed in modem noise) this is a bit of a problem for me.
> > It seems to me that the smart thing is to be able to place the filter
> between
> > collection from the POP server and before delivery to a mailbox.  I think
> this
> > should be in addition to filtering between mailboxes.
> In fact the code does that : pop3 box is checked, the retrieved messages are
> put in a temp mailbox,

Where is this temp inbox and/or how do I specify the filters that run against 
it?  I do not appear to have a temp inbox.  Is it possible that my copy of 
balsa is configured not to have one?  On my balsa, messages are collected from 
the POP server and placed in my `real' inbox.  *Only then* are they filtered.  
This is the behaviour when I select the "on reception" buttons.  Is it 
significant that I'm using maildir format?

> then filters are applied on this temp mailbox and the
> remaining messages are put in the Inbox. So I don't see how it is possible to
> have duplicated messages since only the temp mailbox is actually filtered.

See above.

> That seems really weird to me!?!

Me too.


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