Re: Filtering

On 10.04.2002 15:16 Brian Stafford wrote:
> Hi all,
> is it possible to filter mail with balsa as it is read from a POP server 
> so that it is delivered directly to the final mailbox (using balsa's 
> filtering, not the detested procmail option).  I can only filter between 
> mailboxes at the moment unless I am missing something obvious.
Yes you can : create the filter, the select the Inbox and right-click and 
select the edit/apply filters menu. Then put the desired filter(s) on the 
right list and click in the "on reception" column to tell balsa to run the 
filter(s) automatically on reception. The click on "OK"to save the new 
associations. Now your incoming mails should be automatically filtered. 
The conditional is there because I had not actually tested this feature, 
but I guess others have. Anyway more testing should be great ;-)

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