Re: [PATCH] PGP/GPG support for Balsa

Am 2002.04.15 11:49 schrieb(en) Laurent Cheylus:
   > En réponse à Steffen Klemer <>:
   >   > > First of all: THANK YOU! Great work!

   > No, my code is correct. If a PGP/GPG signed message has some lines that
   > begins
   > with "-", all these lines are "dash escaped" ("-" are replaced by "-
   > -"). See
   > RFC 2440 for details.

Ok, I tested it and it looks like the last 2 lines of my sig are not 
escaped in a right way. (Perhaps 'cause the dashes before 'no'-I don't see 
any other reason?)

And, as a side note:
A VERY important item on the ToDo for ggp-support could be a less nerving 
way of displaying good and bad signatures!

Perhaps a sign in the Header-frame?->with gtk2 it should be no problem, or?
The best way would perhaps a preference that there is always this sign and 
you could decide whether you want a message

* if it's a bad sig
* if it's a good sig
* in both cases
* or never

Like always: if I was more talented, I would/could code it myself ;-) (but 
as I learn and learn one day I will be a (good?) hacker :-)


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