Re: Some suggestions

Jon Tai wrote:
> On 2001.10.21 23:48 Petter Sundlöf wrote:
> 3) Include an option to make the remote IMAP account the default
> account, so that Drafts, Sent and Inbox are marked accordingly
> You can do that by right-clicking the folders and selecting Mark As ...

Yes, but I meant an option to include all of them in this default
account. So the _account_ is the default, not by the users selected
mailboxes are included. That is wrong from a usability perspective.

> 4) Ability to remove the Unread and Total columns in the mailbox list
> Preferences => Display => Display => Show Mailbox Statistics ...


> 5) I just saved an unfinished mail in Netscape Mail and saved it in
> Drafts. I closed NS Mail and opened Balsa. I opened the message in
> there, double clicked. Couldn't edit. What's going on here?
> The Continue button

But still, shouldn't double clicking a message in the Drafts folder
bring up an editable message? Am I wrong in seeing that as logic?

> 6) That folders with unread messages have bold font instead of just
> colour change
> Preferences => Display => Colors => Mailbox with unread messges ...

I'm afraid I see no option for this to have a bold typeface.

> 7) Balsa should remember if a IMAP tree was expanded or not on last load
> That would be nice.

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