Some suggestions

Hi. Just a few quick suggestions/issues:

1) Get rid of the local mail "dependencies"

2) When setting up a remote IMAP folder, also include the INBOX in the
tree (in spite of it not being in the ~/.mailboxlist -- Netscape and
Mozilla does it this way, and it makes sense)

3) Include an option to make the remote IMAP account the default
account, so that Drafts, Sent and Inbox are marked accordingly

4) Ability to remove the Unread and Total columns in the mailbox list

5) I just saved an unfinished mail in Netscape Mail and saved it in
Drafts. I closed NS Mail and opened Balsa. I opened the message in
there, double clicked. Couldn't edit. What's going on here?

6) That folders with unread messages have bold font instead of just
colour change

7) Balsa should remember if a IMAP tree was expanded or not on last load

8) The order of folders should not be alphabetical (or this should at
least be configurable), but the items/folders should come in a logical

* Inbox
* Drafts
* Sent
* Trash
* <ETC>

End of whining, thank you.

Best wishes,
Petter Sundlöf

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