Re: Building balsa on Tru64 UNIX (without pspell)

On Sat, Nov 24, 2001 at 06:17:37PM +0100, wrote:
> On 24 Nov, Carlos Morgado wrote:

> > on the last box compaq sent me they included cedes with gnome, gcc, gdb
> > and all that stuff, 
> Hmm. I only have two application CDs. They contain neat programms like
> apache, perl 5.6, wu-ftp, procmail, ... but no GNOME stuff. (And who

i'll try to remeber to look at them when i get to work

> wants gcc on an Alpha?)
it's for the times when du cc sucks. really hard. or you have the
even-more-expensive-cc ? :)

> > even rpm. 
> RPM is a tool for wanebes. Real men compile software by themself. ;-)
> Self compiling has also the effect that it teaches you. Especially if
> you do it on an "exotic" OS. (Like Tru64 or 2.11BSD on a PDP11...)
ah. a neophite ;) 
at some point you'll discover rpm isn't use to install stuff. it's used to
uninstall stuff ;)

> > from the wording on the cedes i'd say you 
> > should be able to download them from but i'm not sure.
> I searched the web site but did not find any usefull hint.
poop :(

> >> One possible solution would be to make pspell optional for balsa.
> > i tried to do that once, but it got nowhere for lack of time. 
> > maybe it's time i do it for real :)
> Uhh. Is it that hard to get rid of it?
no, but i started doing it on a laptop that didn't have pspell :)
but it also did have a messed up gtk+ so at some point i just rm -rfed that
tree fearing i'd commit the stupid changes :)

> The other way would be to mod pspell not to use "fmtflags". This may be
> not too hard, as that is only used once. Unfortunately I don't know
> what "fmtflags" does and C++ is a foreign language for me...
> It seems that it is time for me to by a book about C++ and be my own
> teacher once again...
talk to the pspell people. i want no part of it :)

> > errrrr. *blink* mutt *does* compile on du, and CONTEXT comes from mutt.
> > i'm kind of aloss
> I know that mutt compiles on Tru64, as I installed it. The problem comes
> with pthread.h. This includes pthread_exception.h, that includes
> excpt.h (or somthing like that) that exports "CONTEXT".

oh. argh. gar. *sob*

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