Re: Failure to get new mail from IMAP INBOX (was: Balsa newbie questions)

On 2001-03-23 03:10 Bob Myers wrote:
> 1. There is no console output that appears related to this
> problem. (However, when starting Balsa I do get the
> following message five times:
> ** CRITICAL **: file mailbox-node.c: line 205
> (register_mailbox): assertion
> 'BALSA_MAILBOX_NODE(node->data)->mailbox' failed.

This is very critical error and I wouldn't be surprised if there was
some correlation...

> 4. The IMAP specification talks about using the NOOP command
> as a way to poll for new messages. I am sure you know about
> 1000 times more about this than I do, and that it works in
> Balsa and I am just making some simple error, but is this in
> fact what Balsa is doing when issuing the Check or Get New
> Mail command is issued?

Yes. It uses NOOP on open mailboxes and STATUS on closed.

> 5. In case the problem may lie in the way that I have set up
> Balsa.
> Here are the relevant lines from my ~/.gnome/balsa file:
> [mailbox-Inbox] 
> Path=INBOX 
> Port=143
> Type=LibBalsaMailboxImap 
> Name=Inbox
> [folder-0] 
> Port=143 
> Name=rabbit
> Directory=imap

I see you use IMAP folders which are not quite ironed out. Can you
verify that you observe the problem with the folders removed from the
configuration. Try Check mail function with inbox both open and closed.

Also, I assume you use 1.1.2 version?

Pawel Salek (
Theoretical Chemistry Division, KTH voice: +46 8 790-8202

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