Failure to get new mail from IMAP INBOX (was: Balsa newbie questions)

On 2001.03.22 01:54 Pawel Salek wrote: 

> On 2001-03-22 10:37 Bob Myers wrote:

> > 2. I am using IMAP. My inbox is an imap INBOX. This
> > ok. But "Check" and "Get New Mail" do not bring in new
> > even though it exists on the IMAP server. Toget the
mail, I 
> > have to close the inbox and re-open it.  What am I doing

> Which balsa version do you use? My main mailbox is also 
> IMAP and I don't  observe this
> kind of problem. What is the IMAP server?

Thanks for your response. Concerning the problem
of getting (not getting) new mail from the IMAP INBOX, here
is some additional information:

1. There is no console output that appears related to this
problem. (However, when starting Balsa I do get the
following message five times:

** CRITICAL **: file mailbox-node.c: line 205
(register_mailbox): assertion
'BALSA_MAILBOX_NODE(node->data)->mailbox' failed.

2. Using Pine as the MUA accessing the IMAP server works
fine, in the sense that new mail arrives according to the 
"mail-check-interval" setting.

3. I have reviewed the maillog on the IMAP server, but it
shows me only connections established. Is there some way to
log more detailed activity by the IMAP server? I am using

4. The IMAP specification talks about using the NOOP command
as a way to poll for new messages. I am sure you know about
1000 times more about this than I do, and that it works in
Balsa and I am just making some simple error, but is this in
fact what Balsa is doing when issuing the Check or Get New
Mail command is issued?

5. In case the problem may lie in the way that I have set up
Here are the relevant lines from my ~/.gnome/balsa file:



I appreciate your help.

-- Bob Myers <> 

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