Balsa newbie questions

Hi. I have just started to use Balsa and I'm very impressed
and want to use it as my main mail reader. I have the
following simple questions:

1. How, if at all, can I get it do display Japanese text in

2. I am using IMAP. My inbox is an imap INBOX. This works
ok. But "Check" and "Get New Mail" do not bring in new mail
even though it exists on the IMAP server. To get the mail, I
have to close the inbox and re-open it. What am I doing

3. I know this has been mentioned before on the mailing
list, but the fact that forward does not include attachments
seems less like something that needs a new option, and more
like just a plain design bug. Forwarding attachments is one
of the main reasons I use forwarding...

4. I like the threading features of Balsa, but I'm not clear
what "JWZ" threading is.

5. (Totally minor bug) Changes to the date format string do
not take effect until Balsa restarts.

6. I know that I need to recompile balsa with gtkHTML
support in order to display HTML mails, but is there some
easy way to at least make obvious URL's in a message

That's all for now. Any help appreciated.

-- Bob Myers

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