Selecting Flagged messages + patch [was Re: Flagging messages]

On 2001.02.24 15:39:13 -0800 Lynn Kerby wrote:
> Just got my gnome desktop upgraded and decided to try balsa (1.0.0) again
> now that it is released.  Looks good and so far has been pretty stable!
> I noticed that a message flagging feature was added since I last played
> with balsa - cool.  Maybe I'm being dense here, but after running through
> my mailbox and flagging a bunch of messages I wanted to do something with
> them.  I couldn't figure out what good the feature is if you can't do
> anything with them (not even sort).
> In frustration, I grabbed the sources and added code to select all
> flagged
> messages as a starting point.  Now I'm much happier.  Is there any
> interest
> in folding this into the current development release?
> I've also noticed that when I transfer a message to another mailbox, I'm
> left without a selection or notion of a current message in the open
> index.
> Is there some reason that the selection doesn't get moved to the next
> message?

Apparently there isn't much interest in this change as I haven't seen any
responses.  No big deal, but I still find myself using it quite often and
would like to see it or a similar feature integrated.

I get a lot of mail from different mailing lists, most of which is
uninteresting and I tend to let it pile up for days/weeks at a time. I
suppose should be using procmail to split incoming messages into several
boxes but I prefer to have it all in a single inbox and save what I want
somewhere else. As I read the messages from a list, I 'flag' the ones that
I want to save and delete the others. When I reach the bottom of the list,
I use this feature to select all flagged messages, unflag them, and
transfer them to the appropriate archive. Perhaps if the transfer process
was less cumbersome it would be easier to do it another way, but this works
pretty well.

Since you can't do anthing with flagged messages in the current framework,
it seemed logical to allow them to be selected so they could be operated

I have ported the mods to the current CVS and am attaching the patch (and
a new pixmap which appears in the menus).

Lynn Kerby



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