Re: Unthreading list of message headers

kažkada, berods Tr, 2001-01-24 20:24-0800, Matthew Guenther rašė:
> > Is it OK if I make balsa to use xml-i18n-tools for translation of
> > *.soundlist and *.desktop files? It will require CVS version of that package
> > to compile Balsa from CVS, but will help translators to update also those
> > entries. Not neccessary, of course.
> My only problem with depending on xml-i18n-tools is the use of a
> CVS version rather than the last stable release (0.5 AFAIK). Is
> there a particular feature that has just been added that is
> needed for balsa?

Yes, it would need xml-i18n-tools CVS (or 0.6) version. So it's a problem.
I won't do this, it is not worth for 6 strings, 1 on which is almost always
"Balsa" and others never seen (who uses sounds with Balsa?)

So upadte your translations in usual way.

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