Re: Drag'n'drop

On Jan 08 2001 23:28 Reychman Felix wrote:
> I just tried the drag and drop funcion in balsa, moving a mail from one
> mailbox to another. I though. Then I discovered that this action is not at
> all moving it, but copying it. 
> This was not what I expected, beeing an old Eudora fan. What is the common
> usage? Is it copying mails between mailboxes or is it moving it? I am
> inclined to suggest the latter, but I might be wrong. I'm just curious as
> to the reasons for this copy-function. Not that it's a major problem, since
> the move function is easily available. Just curiosity.

I made it copy by default because:

1) It seemed safer; i.e. if you drag to the wrong folder you still have a
copy around where you left it.

2) It seemed to be the default for most file managers (and other
applications with DND) and I wanted to remain generally
consistent with other DND using apps.

You can move messages instead (like most file managers), by holding the
Shift key when you drop the messages. The pointer will change to
indicate a move. This can be easily changed, but you'll have to argue
your case. :-)


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