Re: Balsa Encrypts messages with GnuPG!

With all respect,

I don't think balsa will be free of mutt for some time.  People have wanted
PGP support in balsa for *ages*.  Others have repeatedly shot down the
idea of using lubmutt's PGP with this argument, but /nobody/ has time to do
it this way and libmutt seems to still very much a part of balsa.  Now that
someone is 90% done with the obvious approach, I see no reason to stop 

Plus, mutt is time-tested and I see no reason to think a from scratch
implementation will work better.  More flexible for developers; maybe.
Better integrated with gnome PGP; obviously.  Ready in 3 months or
less; not likely.

Anyway, as for the libbalsa approach:

It seems to support both encrypt-it-all and encrypt-each-attachment
(PGP/MIME).  PGP/MIME is obviously preferred, but decrypting both
styles might be good, if it is easy to handle both.


P.S. Alan's signature verified in kmail (I'm so ashamed!)

On Wednesday 03 January 2001 18:35, Brian Stafford wrote:
> Rather than trusting libmutt to do the right thing and for more background
> on how to do this sort of thing, try reading RFC 1847 "Security Multiparts
> for MIME: Multipart/Signed and Multipart/Encrypted" and RFC 2015 "MIME
> Security with Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)".  These documents and the ones
> they reference provide everything needed to implement a solution from
> scratch. I always find that the standards are more informative than reading
> source code which is usually wrong, incomplete or buggy, despite the
> authors' best intentions.
> This is not to put down libmutt or the PGP code using it, I felt the issue
> needs raising because of the nature of some of the queries raised here.
> In any case, I thought Balsa was moving away from the use of libmutt.  A
> better solution might be to use gmime and pgg and avoid using libmutt.
> It should be noted that S/MIME uses exactly the same MIME structures as
> PGP/MIME so this would be easy to add into such a framework.  (I have
> written code to do S/MIME in the past.  I don't have time right now, but I
> may be able to contribute in this area in the future.)
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> Brian Stafford
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