Re: Balsa Encrypts messages with GnuPG!

On 2001.01.03 00:49:09 -0500 Dmitri Pogosyan wrote:

> Why would you bundle message and attachments together ?  One would like
> to
> be able to read parts of the e-mail selectively.
> My understanding is that in the normal IMAP operation attachements are
> not
> even dowloaded from server until you explitely request them. And one may
> want
> to open some attachements but not the others.
>                                         Dmitri Pogosyan

I've never used IMAP, but I'm familiar with the basic concept. I know that
with POP mail, when you send the RETR n  command, you get the whole
message, attachments and all, MIME encoded. The email client then parses
out the attachments. In IMAP is this done on the server? If so, that would
be a good case for encrypting everything separately.

That's good. I've always used POP, so I hadn't looked at it from that

I just encrypted a message with Kmail, and it did the same thing Balsa does
now, encrypting the typed message, but not the attachments. I think it all
needs to be encrypted, including attachments.



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