Re: Balsa Encrypts messages with GnuPG!

Alan O wrote:

> Hello List,
> I just wrote support for encryption with GnuPG (gpg).

Great !

> I'm still testing it,
> and I've run into a few minor problems. One problem I've run into is that
> attachments and such don't get MIME encoded and actually inserted in to the
> text of the message until somewhere in libbalsa/send.c using libmutt
> structures. Right now the encryption that I've written only encrypts
> messages that were typed in to the window. This is partly because I haven't
> really gotten too deeply into the Mutt code, but also because I have some
> questions about how to actually do it. Do we encrypt the files separately
> (this is what Eudora does with encrypted messages containing attachments)
> or do we take the whole thing concatenated and encrypt it (this seems to
> make more sense to me).

Why would you bundle message and attachments together ?  One would like to
be able to read parts of the e-mail selectively.
My understanding is that in the normal IMAP operation attachements are not
even dowloaded from server until you explitely request them. And one may want
to open some attachements but not the others.

                                        Dmitri Pogosyan

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