Re: Handling of delete with IMAP

On 2001.12.15 12:09 Alexander Skwar wrote:
> Peter Bloomfield wrote:
>> Comments or suggestions?
> This sounds very good!  However, if it's possible, I'd like to have a 
> new button "expunge" (or somesuch) which does these changes

Could one of the toolbar gurus comment?

> and I'd like it better if I could move in and out of mail folder 
> without Balsa deleting all the messages.

You already can, by switching among notebook pages. Or is there 
something else that you'd like to see, like preserving deleted messages 
between Balsa sessions?

On 2001.12.15 12:11 Alexander Skwar wrote:
> Peter Bloomfield wrote:
>> When I `Delete' a message:
>> [x] delete it immediately and irretrievably;
>> [ ] mark it as deleted with the option to `Undelete' it.
> [ ] Move it to the trash folder.
> If these 3 options could be implemented, it would be a blast! :)
> Alexander Skwar

That's more of a change. Currently, Balsa gives you the means to either:
- delete, or
- move to trash
without changing preferences. I assume what you'd like is a single menu 
entry and a single toolbar-button, which results in one of the 3 
actions, according to what you've specified in the preferences. We'd 
have to either create an entirely new name and icon for this generic 
action, or hijack one of the current pair (`delete' and `trash') for 
it. The latter would surprise some users, and require them to relearn 
the UI, to which many are averse ;)

IMHO that's a good design, as I can't imagine why I'd want to use more 
than one deletion mode within a single session--this looks more like 
one of those set-it-once-and-forget-about-it preferences. Perhaps I'm 
missing something. However, any proposed change would have to be aired 
out pretty thoroughly.


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