Re: Second impressions of Balsa wrote:

> > The new issue of the moment is that Balsa does not seem to be aware of
> > the Gnome address book, I was under the impression that one could select
> > email addresses from the address book. Is this implimented yet? perhaps
> > I am missing some crucial component (Bonobo, Cobra) or some such? I can
> > not see any obvious way to manually insert email addresses into the
> > address book.
> >
> As far as I know you can use an email address from Gnome address book. The problem is that you cannot add a new address. Is anyone working on that? If not, it would be a good thing to work on for people that just arrived and want to help programing.

Having just got back from the Balsa web site I found this in the FAQ,

5.  Does it have an address book?

             No.  The address book code from Gnome will be used via a CORBA interface, but the code to implement this is just not ready yet.
             When it is ready it will be implemented.

So from my experience in Balsa 0.6 it is still not implimented which makes the address book pretty useless.

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