Re: Tip for the filter implementation

Mikael Hermansson wrote:
> I just followed the filter thread and will here give my opinion on it
> As many already knows fetchmail processes the mail by posing incoming
> mail
> to sendmail. sendmail will then process it by using procmail.
> Why not let balsa do the same? When the mail arrives, using builtin
> POP3/IMAP, post incoming mail to sendmail for processing.
> Then we only need to write an config frontend for procmail.
> Here is some good reasons for this (IMHO):
> 1. 99 % of linux/unix systems has already sendmail/procmail installed
> 2. Procmail will probadly be more stable than writing new code
> 3. Why should we write new code when its already exist :-)
> 4. Balsa gets more compatible with old mailreaders using
> sendmail/procmail
> Greats

I think you are overestimating the number of *nix systems that have
procmail installed but I wouldn't swear to that. However, I just had a
thought, has anyone made a procmail API/library? That might be a decent
solution if there is such a thing.


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try to create fool proof programs and the universe which is trying to
develop superior fools.
	So far, the universe is winning.
	Let's not give it any help...

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