Re: Status of filtering

Feel free to take a look at the filter code in Spruce, it might help.
I think that if you used perl, filtering might be better (use of regex,
etc...spruce doesn't support that yet, something I'll have to work on)
I feel that our filtering is pretty decent, though I am not a power-user
when it comes to filtering (I hardly ever used to filter mail before I
started working on spruce) so it may not be powerful enough for your
tastes, but it still may provide a base for what you'd like to code.

Feel free to ask me any questions about the filters - if I can't answer
them, I'll forward the question to my friend who coded the original


On 25 Jan 2000, David Pickens wrote:
> Date: 25 Jan 2000 05:26:11 -0000
> To: Peter Williams <>
> From: David Pickens <>
> Subject: Re: Status of filtering
> AFAIK it's completely stalled.  I was hoping to take a look at this and
> PGP support, but as you have probably all guessed from my complete
> silence
> I've been too occupied with other stuff to work on balsa.  (Lately it's
> been a flu, a separate cold, work, and a week of free time lost to PPoE
> and IP-Chains to use my new ADSL. :)  )
> Realistically, it'll be at least another week before I have time to start
> again with balsa.  If someone else has ideas for filtering I'd be happy
> leave it to you!  I had some ideas having to do w/ uses of perl, but I
> want to do some research and some testing before I lay it all out here.
> David
> On Mon, 24 Jan 2000, Peter Williams wrote:
> > I've noticed that we get many filtering-related questions on this 
> > list... does anyone know of the status on them? Is anyone actually 
> > working on it?
> > 
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