Re: Two stupid questions

On Tue, 11 Jan 2000 19:20:36 Fredrik Rambris wrote:
> Hello!
> I have to rather stupid questions.
> 1. Is there another way of browsing through the listarchive than with
> Subject: archive method?

There's the web interface, (I believe
that's the URL, check for a link).

> 2. Some sort of current status on the balsa homepage would be nice. I'd
> like to help speed up the development of balsa. Where can I help?

The Balsa homepage is out-of-date and will probably remain so, because 
owner of the site has very rare contact with Balsa nowadays. It's good 
most of the Balsa development is discussed on this list, although after 
0.6.0 release we've all been taking a break :-).

My suggestion is to use Balsa, and work on the first bad thing that you 
My first fix was a typo in a label :-)

Peter Williams

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