Re: Found the problem in the pop funtion but not the fix :-(

On Fri, 22 Oct 1999 19:09:02 Hector Garcia wrote:
> Hi all
> I have found why pop3 accounts didnīt work right
> The Segmentation Fault I talked about in my previous letter is due to this line
> if( strcmp( MAILBOX_POP3(mailbox)->last_popped_uid, uid )
> (gdb) print ((MailboxPOP3 *)(mailbox))->last_popped_uid
> $3 = 0x0

Thanks for the information. This means that last_popped_uid is a null pointer, and strcmp() will
try to dereference and segfault. The last_popped_uid is I believe added in the threading patch,
you will have to talk to the author (is David Pickens the name? I'm afraid I forget) about it.

The problem about working Balsa now is we're all waiting with bated breath for Stuart's updates
to Balsa which seem to be fairly major changes that will probably break any patches we try. OTOH,
Stuart assures us that the updated code 'will not suck' so maybe there will be no need to fix 

Peter Williams

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