Found the problem in the pop funtion but not the fix :-(

Hi all

I have found why pop3 accounts didnīt work right

The Segmentation Fault I talked about in my previous letter is due to this line

if( strcmp( MAILBOX_POP3(mailbox)->last_popped_uid, uid )

if you bypass it, balsa works with pop3 accounts, but you losse the feature of not
downloading messages that you already did.

Any idea of why it is breaking down?

it is trying to compare (in my case)

(gdb) print ((MailboxPOP3 *)(mailbox))->last_popped_uid
$3 = 0x0
(gdb) print uid
$4 = "38106e0b00000002\000 \016\b\b\000\000\000\220 \016\b ^.@\220 \016\b    
S!@\220 \016\b\220 \016\b|H\005\b\000\000\000\000 ^.@\220 \016\b4   ~k+@\220 \016\b"

Maybee giving and initial value (any char) to
point, to MAILBOX_POP3(mailbox)->last_popped_uid ??
I tryed so, but then it fails at 

g_free ( MAILBOX_POP3(mailbox)->last_popped_uid );

Any ideas??



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