Re: So how this goes?

Keep in mind the announcements on the main gnome list earlier today... it
looks like IGS (international gnome support) will be hiring a bunch of
people (7?) fulltime to be working on a gnome mail program that integrates
well with gnomecal/gnomecard and uses the gnome mailer (renamed evolution,
now) code for the backend. I'd bet balsa as we know it will be defunct, and
unfortuantely, that looks like a good thing. Hopefully, all of us who have
been trying to get a good gnome email client, but don't have the
time/resources to really commit to balsa can switch over to this new one,
and get to see some real progress.

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> Hi,
> I've been reading the Balsa list for several months, and have periodically
> tried using Balsa (with a view to making it the recommended mailer on a
> machine I administer).  In my view, the project has been hamstrung
> because of the lack of a project leader/anyone with CVS commit access.  In
> the meantime, several other Gnome mail clients have been created, most of
> which don't really do that much more than Balsa.
> Perhaps it's time to either get someone else to take over the leadership
> of the Balsa project, or to create a new project based on the existing
> Balsa.
> In any case, it's probably worth trying to get in touch with the authors
> of the other mail clients around (like Spruce) to see what they think.
> It's also worth keeping the gnome-mailer project in mind (which is
> creating the backend stuff for accessing mail folders etc.).
> Just my thoughts, anyway.
> Lyndon
> On Tue, Oct 12, 1999 at 05:49:07PM -0400, Peter Williams wrote:
> > On Tue, 12 Oct 1999 17:27:13 Hector Garcia wrote:
> > > Excuse me, but I donīt get it
> > >
> > > Please, answer me some question if you know them:
> > >
> > > Who is incharge of making commit in cvs?
> >
> > *Theoretically*, Stuart Parmenter, but by all appearances he has
> > given up on the project. He has not updated the CVS in several
> > months and doesn't reply to emails.
> >
> > > Why are there so many pacthes around not in the cvs
> > > sources? (if they fix bugs or
> > > give new features they should be there, shouldnīt they? )
> >
> > Without someone to commit them.....
> >
> > > What sources are you all working over?
> >
> > I have a bunch of different tarballs at my home computer via
> > I would like to make this our CVS
> > version, but if someone has a better place to keep them (a real
> > CVS server or a more reliable computer) that would change.
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