Re: So how this goes?

On Tue, 12 Oct 1999 17:27:13 Hector Garcia wrote:
> Excuse me, but I donīt get it
> Please, answer me some question if you know them:
> Who is incharge of making commit in cvs?

*Theoretically*, Stuart Parmenter, but by all appearances he has 
given up on the project. He has not updated the CVS in several 
months and doesn't reply to emails.

> Why are there so many pacthes around not in the cvs
> sources? (if they fix bugs or
> give new features they should be there, shouldnīt they? )

Without someone to commit them.....

> What sources are you all working over?

I have a bunch of different tarballs at my home computer via I would like to make this our CVS
version, but if someone has a better place to keep them (a real
CVS server or a more reliable computer) that would change.

> I would like to help in the development of balsa but if I find
> or fix bugs that is
> already fix or found is a waste of time that I (and everybody
> else) could use fixing
> or probing other "features".
> I donīt know if the bug I told you about the other day is
> already fix in any pacth,
> if so, which one, I would like to see how the fix is done.

I'm not sure which problem you're talking about... I believe the
'not seeing mailboxes on init' problem is fixed. However, I can't
reproduce the 'coredump without .balsarc or .gnome/balsa', so I
can't say if that's been addressed.

Peter Williams

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