Re: So how this goes?


I've been reading the Balsa list for several months, and have periodically
tried using Balsa (with a view to making it the recommended mailer on a
machine I administer).  In my view, the project has been hamstrung
because of the lack of a project leader/anyone with CVS commit access.  In
the meantime, several other Gnome mail clients have been created, most of
which don't really do that much more than Balsa.

Perhaps it's time to either get someone else to take over the leadership
of the Balsa project, or to create a new project based on the existing

In any case, it's probably worth trying to get in touch with the authors
of the other mail clients around (like Spruce) to see what they think.

It's also worth keeping the gnome-mailer project in mind (which is
creating the backend stuff for accessing mail folders etc.).

Just my thoughts, anyway.


On Tue, Oct 12, 1999 at 05:49:07PM -0400, Peter Williams wrote:
> On Tue, 12 Oct 1999 17:27:13 Hector Garcia wrote:
> > Excuse me, but I donīt get it
> > 
> > Please, answer me some question if you know them:
> > 
> > Who is incharge of making commit in cvs?
> *Theoretically*, Stuart Parmenter, but by all appearances he has 
> given up on the project. He has not updated the CVS in several 
> months and doesn't reply to emails.
> > Why are there so many pacthes around not in the cvs
> > sources? (if they fix bugs or
> > give new features they should be there, shouldnīt they? )
> Without someone to commit them.....
> > What sources are you all working over?
> I have a bunch of different tarballs at my home computer via 
> I would like to make this our CVS
> version, but if someone has a better place to keep them (a real
> CVS server or a more reliable computer) that would change.

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