Re: Patch to use gnome-config

Hi fellows.

On Fri, 8 Oct 1999, Ragnar Henriksen wrote:

> 1. I found the missing thread-file, but haven't had the time to look into it.
> 2. Maybe we should get our own cvs accounts? (if Stuart can't or won't do this :)
> 3. I've done some work with mine version of balsa:
> 	* print support (very basic, but i works)
> 	* new popup menu in the message list. (now including forw/repl/repl all/print/open)
> 	* changed the popup menues to use icons.
> 4. If you already have a solution to the treeview, keep going :)
> If you (or someone else) would like to try my stuff, how would you like to get it? It's almost impossible to create a patch file that will work :)
> But if you can make a bigpatch3 (or something) includeing: balsa from CVS, threading, new config. Then I can make a patch based on that :)
> <cut>
> -Ragnar-

I'm finishing another project in a day or two and then I will build a
bigpatch3 with all the patches that did show up on this mailing list after
the update on cvs with bigpatch2. I also make .rpm, .tar.gz and .diff
of balsa and put the files on a site until someone updates the cvs.
People then can build patchs based on this bigone. (I hope this will not
be necessary because I expect that someone updates the cvs version).

Bye and keep up the good work.

                                               Bruno Pires Marinho

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