Re: Filtering Options?

Thomas Kim wrote:
> On Fri, May 21, 1999 at 09:35:18AM +0100, Jules Bean wrote:
> > But the MUA can pipe messages back through procmail for later
> > refiltering.
> But the front-end should be able to tell the user what will happen before
> the user commits to some action.  Then, as someone has already suggested,
> Balsa would have to interface to the procmailrc files itself, which I don't
> think is a clean solution.

But if something else did (gprocmail, call it ;-) which balsa spoke

OTOH, balsa *will* have filtering.  So do worry.

> > Well - client-side and server-side filtering both have obvious
> > advantages.  You've listed the advantages of client-side.  The advantage
> > of server-side is simply that you don't have to download all the
> > messages!
> No, what I had imagined was that Balsa would have the _rules_ for
> filtering, and could execute those rules, per user command, on the imap
> folders remotely.

Hmm.  Yeah. I do your point.

However, it's also nice to see mail being filtered as it arrives (not
just when you log on).

> Also, can procmail remotely manage IMAP folders and resort messages without
> downloading them?



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